Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dosis Letalis: Serbian Static

“Anyone can buy a few pedals and create some wall of noise, but will it be good? 

Will it have quality? Will it be possible to sink, enjoy and get lost in it? 

To make good HNW you must love it and understand it...you can't fake it, 

because it will be absolutely hearable in your work.”

Lurking amongst the new wave (or the new bricks in the wall rather) of noise wall artists, with a truly staggering amount of side projects and collaborations under his belt is Serbia's Nemanja Nikolić. Quite a well known noise wall architect on the scene, he's been dishing out plenty of crushing harsh noise walls and crackling ambient noise walls as Dosis Letalis since October last year.

I caught up with Nemanja to discuss his musical roots, the state of Serbian noise plus his HNW/noise artists and label recommendations for 2016.

Listen below to 'Crackling worship' part of his Crackling series
and don't forget to check out Crackling Curse,Madness and Terror as well!

DMD: First of all, what is the meaning behind the name Dosis Letalis?

NN: Hahahahaha, the name has no deep meaning or whatever, it came to my mind after playing my noise stuff to my friends (who don't listen to noise) and they called it lethal dose, so I just used the Latin words for that.

DMD: Growing up, what music did you listen to?

NN: I can clearly remember the day when I discovered music I like. I was in my teens and one day I got bored and turned on an old radio I had, where I just started searching for stations, I remember changing many stations (even then I despised commercial mainstream music), before bumping into the one where some metal was playing, I immediately fell in love with that louder sound.

So, as you can guess, it was the most popular metal bands at first: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Slayer….a little later I heard The Sisters Of Mercy, and loved their darker sound, and discovered bands like Katatonia and My Dying Bride.

DMD: Tell me about your journey from a beginner musician up to today with Dosis Letalis. 

NN: I am no musician, and don't play any instruments. My first exposure to making any kind of sounds was when I hung out with my friend who was making psy-trance for fun. We tried making tracks together, but every time I tried, I ended up messing up the track and creating something dark, twisted and noisy. 

After that I kept experimenting alone and after a while I was making some weird mixture of dubstep, industrial and noise. A couple of years before I started making HNW I was creating dark ambient and drone which I still do, but not so much. 

While we’re at it, the debut from my drone project Dosis Feralis was released not so long ago, on Zero Sum Recordings, a young ambient label run by Mr. Ben Hudgins (the mastermind behind Bonechurch, Melinoe and Abstract Audio Systems) he also runs another very good label called Endless Landscapes Of Decay, which is one of my favorites, all the releases on there are really good and definitely worth checking out!

DMD: When was your first exposure to Noise and HNW?

NN: My first exposure to noise was when I went to Belgrade to study, it was 2007/2008, and at university I met Alexandar Nenad. Back then he was just starting his harsh noise project [CTD]. 
He gave me my first power electronics and noise disks. I was really struck by the power of those sounds. I hung out a lot with him that first year, but after I left that first university, we lost touch.

Years passed and after finishing (another) university, I returned to my hometown, (this is the period when I was making dark ambient, but also when I started making noise again) and it was a similar situation like the first time I discovered music I like, only this time I had internet, I remembered Alex and I typed Creation Through Destruction into Google listened to it, and really liked it. 

But, that same day I discovered something else, his HNW project the mighty Dead Body Collection! And I was like wow! Holy shit, I didn't know that noise this loud ever existed. 

That was the first HNW project I ever heard, and I really liked the brutality and uncompromising relentlessness of it, plus I was stunned by the number of releases he had (over 200), which was an insane amount for me to understand at the time. 

After that I discovered other acts on bandcamp/youtube, explored the genre further and fell in love with it.

After some time, I started making HNW. I remember sending my first tracks to Alex, (god, they were awful!) but he was like: this is great, this is real HNW! 

Hahaha, so, many thanks to him for encouraging me to continue with it, as well as introducing me to James Killick (person behind amazing Love Katy, Small Hours,... and cult label Sweet Solitude, now Vagary Records) who released my first album ever, Cryptanalysis, on his net label, Maniacal Laugh.

After that I opened my first Facebook account (I guess I had to, even though I despised it, I still do) and started meeting some really nice and good people, noise people are (most of them) a really great and positive bunch, which kinda surprised me at the time.

The Enigma Code themed Dosis Letalis debut released back in October 2015

DMD: Apart from Noise, do you have another favourite style of music to listen to?

NN: I am quite diverse in my music taste, favorites are post rock/metal, funeral doom, dsbm, stoner, industrial, ambient, (both dark and light), hip-hop, trip-hop, jazz, reggae/dub/ska, old school drum 'n' bass, dub-step, good quality psy-trance, etno and world music and certain classical composers, I also enjoy various spiritual, ritualistic and sacred music, I specially love works of early polyphonic composers (Léonin, Pérotin), but I listen to this music strictly from a musical perspective, I am not religious in any way. 

DMD: What is the experimental/noise music scene like in Serbia and what other forms of extreme to normal music are most popular over there?

NN: There are not many people is Serbia doing noise, I know about 10, maybe a few more people doing this, my favorite projects are Dordje Miladinovic's Raven and Srdjan Eftomovski's Nundata/Fecal Vomit, but I also like Filip's Lucy Jane Garcia and WeAreAllSlaves, Nenad's Third I, Milos's Antitalent, Daniel's vernacvlaar destrvction, Antonio's Nekro Batica, I already mentioned Alex's Creation Through Destruction and (now ex) Dead Body collection, but his new project recently came out and it’s some really good space themed experimental music called Kosmodrom! 

Considering this, a Serbian Noise compilation came out not so long ago on Jes Boli Ga Kurac Records, so most of these projects are on that. Noise/experimental gigs are rare here, and with little projects like this I’m not sure you can call this a scene, but again, maybe I'm not the best person to answer this.

As for other music, well it's same as in any country I guess, we have different sub cultures, the most popular ''music'' here is total shit, it’s called turbo-folk, (yeah, the name says it all), and some commercial pop, but apart from that, there are normal people who listen to rock, metal, punk, reggae, ambient and quality electronic music…

DMD: What are your Desert Island Disks?

NN: Here is something for every mood, and these are all classics, nothing rare or unknown.

Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love and Hate

The Velvet Underground - Peel Slowly And See…

Nick Cave - Let Love In

Block Out - San Koji Srećan Sanjaš Sam

Evoken - in Solitery Ruin

Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull

Thy Light - Suici.De.pression

Amenra - Mass III

If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk

Miles Davis - Porgy And Bess

Augustus Pablo - King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown

Deep Forest - Comparsa

Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

Kammerheit - Starwheel

Kode 9 & Spaceape - Memories Of The Future

Frozen Ghost - Out Of The Mouth

DMD: What movies have changed your life and the way you look at the world?

NN: I never watched movies strong enough to change my life or my look at the world, I wonder if that's even possible (at least for me).

DMD: What gear do you use for recording?

NN: Well, I started as digital only, my first albums were made only with PC, over time I started buying pedals, for now I have only a few but digital processing is still an important part of my wall craft, and unlike many noise artists I don't consider that unholy. I work with what I have got, and I won't let the lack of means separate me from my passion, I guess we’d better say obsession!

There are a lot of analog fascists out there, but there are also people like me, who don't care how the wall is done, as long as it's done good, and who only separate walls/noise as good or bad, of course, there is a difference in taste, which is specially subjective in noise, but I think any real wall noise-maker can recognise when HNW is done with true passion, love and soul, and when something is done just to be done, as some form of pointless expression, or as result of boredom or inability to make something else for the ‘'wrong reasons'' as my friend Joseph from the ever amazing Black Matter Phantasm  once said. 

There are ignorant people in both music and noise world, who don't appreciate HNW, and who think everyone can do it, and sure, anyone can buy a few pedals and create some wall of noise, but will it be good? Will it have quality? Will it be possible to sink, enjoy and get lost in it? To make good HNW you must love it and understand it... you can't fake it, because it will be absolutely hearable in your work.

Every one of my tracks have been made with huge passion, different emotions were, with a lot of effort, channeled into the walls, and I can guarantee this is the same for all of my favorite projects. 
Just check out Lorencoz's projects Nascitari, Mare Di Dirac, Nach (his collab with another, equally genius HNW practitioner Clive Henry), and all will be clear, you can't have that kind of sound without strong efforts. 

The amount of time these people spend experimenting and crafting those amazing, textured walls is admirable, and more then hearable, and if someone can't hear the difference between that and ''white noise through 2 pedals'' (like someone once said), they should avoid this beautiful genre, cos this isn't for everyone.

Anyways in time, I will have much more gear, but considering Serbian salaries, and my tape orders, that process is going slowly...

DMD: Please explain the difference between Dosis Letalis and Relicuum.

NN: There is a huge difference, both in themes and sound. Dosis Letalis's walls are fuelled by my anger and despair from social injustice in the world, and it's usually HNW, ANW or quiet crackling walls, but however experimental they may be, they are still within the boundaries of HNW.

With Relicuum, I wanted to explore sound outside of the usual boundaries of HNW, with additional sounds incorporated inside of walls, it's something I named Atmospheric Wall Noise, (yeah I know it's all wall noise, but I like creating my own sub-genres, I don't see why it bothers some people, it's for my soul only so haters can fuck off!).

This brings me to the subject of themes in HNW, and they are absolutely unnecessary, HNW is a contemplative meditative genre, and you can use it to delve inside and get lost in it. It can be used as background sound or you can carefully listen to it, and enjoy the textures as they fill your soul with pleasure while your ears melt.

DMD: Please talk us through your many side projects and any we are still yet to hear?

NN: Oh, I have many side projects, Dosis Feralis (drone/dark ambient), N.I.H.L. (harsh noise), Cure For Sanity (noisebient drone), Hybrida Atrox (where I work on hybridisation of Grindcore and HNW, appropriately named Grindwall), Recreational Toxicity (under this alias I experiment with combining EDM such as techno and psy-trance with HNW, these are walls you can dance to, I kid you not!)... 

Besides that, I have many collaborative projects, all of which are very dear to me, but my favorites are Naughty Angel Raptures [with Charlotte Thevenin, one of the best persons I ever met, she is the lady behind my favorite HNW project Naughty], and The Climate Refugees [a collab with 2 noise veterans and extraordinary gentlemen Peter Keller and Ben Rehling, who I have had the pleasure to call friends and their HNW projects Condo Horro and See Through Buildings are at the TOP of my favorites. 

Debut releases from both N.A.R. and T.C.R. have been released through the mighty Altar Of Waste, amazing, highly influential and without any question my favorite label run by the extraordinary Cory Strand.

I also have Debris [really powerful project with massive and loud walls, with Casper from Uitgeschakeld], Totenfeldt [creepy ambient/drone/ANW/noise project with Jott from How I Met Lauren], Red Forest Project [nuclear disaster themed ambient/noise project with John from Go As Death], Cineris [ANW project with Zachary from NO123NOISE], Castrati Lair [with Rush Falknor].

I have also collaborated with Sergey Pakhomov [from Train Cemetery, and the head of a young, but very promising new label called Reason Art] and Ivan Sandakov [the label head of the influential Wall Noise Action], and something very special to me was a split with Left Hand Of God, ANW side project of Per Najbjerg Odderskov, the man behind some great projects such as Destruktionsanstalt and Lidane Livering. 

Also I had the pleasure to work with Jason Campbell, it was a collaboration between his magnificent SSTGFLS J222557+601148 and my Relicuum [I think a few tapes are still available from Grey Matter Productions]

A collab with Alessandro from Ropes on Reason Art was released a few days ago on Reason Art, and also, very dear to me, a collaboration between Cory Strand's Eugene Critchley and mine Dosis Letalis appropriately named Critchley Letalis, was released last month on AOW (I am very proud of this, we picked a good theme and the walls came out great, taking the best from both of our projects). 

I'm also lucky to collaborate with 2 wonderful artists from the UK,  Clive Henry and James Shearman! our Architectonicum project sounds both wicked and weird at the same time,
and I've also been working with that old mush Clive Henry on our own project.

Many other collabs are planned, I'm especially looking forward to one with my dear friend Monica Sanchez [Tissa M.], and one massive collab between Big Hole, Ebony Tower, She Walks Crooked, Willowbrook and Dosis Letalis Plus Joseph Szymykowiak and me are planning something very special...

And of course, speaking of collaborations I must mention the mightiest and the wickedest collective in the whole universe, The Insect Worship Collective! This is a group of very talented people where we work together on diffferent noise and drone tracks, members of some of the best projects are here:

Phantasm Nocturnes, Curses, Black Sheet Servitude, See Through Buildings, ruiner., Contraktor, Go As Death, Separatist, Endless Chasm, Lynch Project, Von Cogwell, Bonechurch, Frodolese, Alexander Adams, Ispopod.... Being a member of this great collective really enriched my skills, and I made many good friends there. All Hail The Hive!

DMD: You have appeared on a number of labels, which would you say are your favourites? 

NN: Another hard question. Because I love all the labels I have worked with, and every single label head there is a great person. Favorites, well, Craneal Fracture Records will always have a special place in my heart, considering that the first Dosis Letalis physical release was on there, Jose Murcia is the best person ever, really positive and easy to work with, so many thanks to him, sending hugs to Spain! 

Big Pharma Records is the place where I released my Injustitae double CD, and the CD 1 was my first ANW release, but most importantly it was the time when I decided to cover social themes, and to shape all my pain and sorry from all the injustice in the world into my walls, Benjamin Joseph is a rad guy to work with, and be sure to check out his mighty project Contraktor.

Grey Matter Productions is most certainly in my favorites, this is still a young label, but it has great releases, and a good mix of various sounds. One big salute to my brother Daniel Cornejo, for being so damn cool, he is one hell of a guy, and GMP is on a good way to becoming a cult label!

There is a young label from Russia called Reason Art, run by another amazing guy, Sergey Pakhomov (I already mentioned his project Train Cemetery) and this label is also on a very good path, the releases there are excellent, and I had that honor, my very first release there was Mass Media by Dosis Letalis.  

I have spoken a little about Avocado Tapes, and this is going to be great label for sure, every single release on there is stunning! I'm so happy to be chosen for their next batch of tapes. 

Dancing Shadows is another young label run by Cameron Socha (he has an interesting wall noise project called Crypt Of The Cobra), and every release there is solid. A really prospective label. 

I must also mention two labels from France, Rapture Records and Hallucination Tapes, both with wickedly good releases, and all these young labels I named so far are on a really good way to becoming important parts of the scene, and it makes me very happy so see them grow in the most positive way!

I talked about newer labels, but what about those who have been at work a little longer? There is no doubt, my favorites are:

The almighty, and my favorite, Altar Of Waste! Releases there are beyond excellent, and really beautiful, Cory Strand puts a lot of effort into the AOW tapes and CD's, every cover of every release is well designed, usually by him, and he has a good ear for noise so only the best of the best is released on AOW.

Another beautiful label is Jan Warkne's Geraeuschmanufaktur! Alongside AOW that label is on top of my favorites, releases there are also magnificent looking but most importantly really good, this is an experimental label to be admired, and I'm honoured that Jan released the debut of my harsh noise project N.I.H.L.

Lurker Bias is a label with a very diverse catalog, and solid releases, it's in my favorites for good reason. Some of the releases from the new Neon Walls series are still available, so pick it up while you can. 

Ominous Recordings is one of the longest running underground noise labels I know, 11 fucking years, and some of my wickedest walls i've done were released there on tape (Dosis Letalis - Soulless Reign) 

Check out also The Level Of Vulnerability, label from Hungary, the latest Dosis Letalis cassette tape entitled The Distortion Of Reality was released there, and there are a lot of other tapes available from them too.

There are many other labels that totally deserve a mention (I haven't worked with them yet): Cascading Fragments, Monorail Trespassing, Palinopsia, Needle And Knife, Lost Light Records, Trashfuck Records, Required Rate Of Return, Orb Tapes, Archivio Audio Anonimo,...)

Be sure to check out the catalogs of all these wonderful labels, the people running them work hard to bring us new releases, and they need our support, so if you are in a decent financial situation please order some tapes/CDs!

DMD: Compared to Cryptanalysis and your other early work, the latest output from DL is more focused on Ambient Noise Wall, was this a conscious decision or you wanted to just experiment and move your sound forward?

NN: Both, I guess. I try to keep things diverse, and I like to experiment a lot, which can lead to many different, sometimes weird sounds/walls. While I admire the consistency of someone’s sound I always search for different noises.

DMD: Please tell us all your favorite releases from this year and why you enjoyed them?

NN: I have heard so many great releases this year, this is very good and an important year for the HNW scene, which I think is really blossoming. Many good projects have appeared, some from older noise makers, some from newcomers. I will mention my favorite projects and their exceptional albums here, which are all highly recommended.

I already mentioned Lorenzo Abattoir's Nascitari, and his albums on Process and on Lost light are masterpieces of the genre. And both Mare Di Dirach's Fumes (on Dusktone) and Nach's debut (on Reason Art Records) are excellent, true HNW experimentalism!

Naughty is my favorite project, and her album My King, released on Altar Of Waste is perfection in every sense! While everything from Naughty is really good, that one is just perfect! I'm in love with that deep bass, and since I heard it, I listen to one of those tracks every day! Most definitely in top of my favorites for this year!

Next one is Condo Horro, god I love this project! Perfect sound for my ears! I recommend this project for everyone to hear, it quickly became one of the best in the scene! 

Same as with Naughty, Nascitari, STB, everything I heard from this project is fucking amazing, but the one released on Big Pharma Records, named Wall Out Those Who Have No Walls, its fucking terrifying.

Perfect blend of HN and HNW, really loud and massive. Apart from excellent sound, this project is very dear to me because it covers social themes, so I don't feel so lonely on the road of socially charged walls.

If you prefer something quieter, check out another goody from Peter Keller, his ANW project Unser Verhängnis.

See Through Buildings - Another one of my favorite projects, Ben's noise make my brain melt! Awesome and loud and constantly good! While the tracks on his bandcamp can variate (many experiments shared on there), the albums made for labels are superb! 

My favorites are I'll Waive The Cover Charge on Lost Light Records, and Manually Enter The Codes on Subsidiary Walls, a HNW sublabel of Big Pharma Records, and I recently acquired There Used To Be Water Here from Fall Into Void Recs, and it's really solid!

Both Ben and Pete have been doing noise for years, Jenifer Wolski and Bacillus are even named as forerunners of HNW!

Sumbru - While Gesis was really good (check out Mobile on Dancing Shadows), Sumbru is beyond excellent. Julien Skrobek is on top of his game, and the walls from Afterlife Signals (on Grey Matter) are one of the best I ever heard.

Black Matter Phantasm - This project is a real HNW experience, long meditative walls, perfect for contemplating. Joseph S. is one of those persons who truly understands what HNW is, and is really passionate about it, and one of the people I admire most. 

Again, everything on his bandcamp is great, but most pleasant for my ears is definitely Marche De L'absence. You should also check out his other projects, HNW project G. J. Schaefer, harsh noise Public Morbidity and very well done ambient/drone compositions under his own name.

Shurayuki-hime - Ah, this project. Really, really good, I fucking love it! 

The person behind the wonderful (now defunct) D.S.W.A.C.V, Liam McGeorge, brought us this amazing and delightful project. From all of his opus, the most dear to me is his AOW album, Sho Ga Nai, it’s crackling experimentation similar to my own, which I didn't dare to release until I heard Sho Ga Nai, I guess I didn't think anyone would be interested in hearing this minimal crackling stuff. 

So many thanks to my him, this album encouraged me to continue with my own crackling studies, and to take it further. Definitely another worth checking out is What the Summer Rain Knows under his alias Yume Hayashi, on his new really sweet label Avocado Tapes (he also runs the great Tera Anitq), its really good stuff! Hails to Liam, the sounds of his projects are always the bringers of joy!

Uitgeschakeld - Casper van der Veen is, besides being one of the best noise people, the mind behind this mighty project. The walls he makes are long, loud, massive and unrelentless. While he isn't as productive as I would like him to be, every release is solid and of a good quality.

I have had the pleasure of listening to his Four Stages Of Enlightenment (released not long ago on AOW, and already sold out), and it’s superb! Casper is another HNW enthusiast, who really gets this genre, and deeply enjoys good HNW releases. Be sure to listen to his contribution to the new neon wall series by Lurker Bias, it's top notch!

SSTGFLS J222557+601148 - Jason Campbell is another HNW practitioner, very profilic, and while his projects Wallmaster, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, UDFj-39546284,… are all really good and interesting, his space themed SSTGFLS J222557+601148 is superb!

One of the best walls I ever heard came from this project, I can't find the words to describe how much I love it, that's why you should visit Jason's bandcamp, there are enough walls there to keep you busy for months! 

I'm not sure I can choose which release from SSTGFLS J222557+601148 is my favorite, since all of them are so damn good, maybe Einstein Cross, but also Static Incantations from UDFj-39546284 should be checked out!

Ivan Skandakov is a crazy prolific monster, he probably put out about like 100 albums this year only hahahahaha. And from many albums I heard this year from his projects Sleep Column, Revelation Of The Dead Girl, Brain Barricade, Cathedral Of Plague, Elephant Graveyard, etc, the most pleasant for my ears was Wall Blossoming by Brain Barricade, released digitally on Nihil Worship, a sort of netlabel for all his projects. 

Volhnn - While the Chier is really good, and constantly solid, Volhnn is more then amazing! I love everything on that bandcamp, not sure which one to chose as my favorite, Extinction process IV maybe.

Big Hole - Everybody loves Big Hole because it's so fucking good! Just listen to The Recurring Dream released on the marvellous Dancing Shadows label.

Kosmodrom - This is a project born from the ashes of Dead Body Collection, and I'm really glad Alex decided to do something new and experimental. You should order Destination Moon from wonderful Geraeuschmanufaktur before it’s too late.

Eugene Critchley - This project is bleak as fuck! Pessimistic walls to cry to! Cory Strand is really talented, just check out his drone works under his own name, beautiful! While I usually prefer textured HNW/ANW, I like the bleakness of Eugene Critchley a lot! My favorite is Pessimism Totale - a double cassette recently released through AOW.

Train Cemetery - This project comes to us from the man behind the lovely Reason Art Records, Sergey Pakhomov. Really good and experimental sounding walls, check out the album Murum released on his label, it's amazing! But works under his own name are also excellent, Another Autumn Day and Coal, long walls perfect for meditation!

ruiner. - another interesting project from Cali. My little bro, Logan Threedouble (ex-Monological Terrorist) brings us an album called The Only Promise Given Is Death, released digitally on Big Pharma Records and physically on Altar Of Waste, bleak and full of sorrow, this comes highly recommended.

VVST had only 2 digital releases so far, but it's really good, and quickly became one of my favorite projects, both albums are perfect!

Rien - This is a side project from Johan Strömvall Hammarstedt (the head of tincredible Ominous Recordings) focused on minimal sound with minimal gear. Russian Tape recently released on Reason Art is just beautiful! Also worth checking out is his main HNW project Gamiani!   

I also must mention some of my noise, PE (non-HNW) favorites this year:
Misery Ritual - I Hurt Because I Must (an amazing project from my man Kyle Ferguson, I hope to see this project live one day) 

Brent Gunn - Submissive Aggressor (a really mighty harsh noise track!)

Deflowered Cunt x Contraktor collab properly named Deflowered Cuntraktor! (really wicked sound, these brothers don't joke around!), check out Deflowered Cunt's Grindwall tracks, really good!

Armor Breach - Molt of the Scolopendra (psychedelic experimentation and tape manipulation from the mind behind Curses, and Radiant Abyss Laboratories Austin Visser) this was released on Lurker Bias, I think there are still a few copies available.

Black Sheet Servitude / Phantasm Nocturnes split tape (if you know these projects, and you should, you know what to expect).

[SSN Technologist - Crackle studies. I am very glad that more people started focusing on crackling walls, and James Shearman is doing it really well! This 9 hours of crackling study is a great example of it!

Another example of crackling walls, or static minimalism as Liam McGeorge calls it, is the new batch of Avocado Tapes, primarily focused on that. I am honoured to be a part of it, my favourite there is Volume 3, by Yume Hayashi and James Shearman! Superb Cracklings!

Vomir - Transmission Pour Clarimonde is one of the best Vomir tracks I have heard in a while, it's really good work, and the tapes comes in special packaging, I am glad I snagged this one from Hallucination tapes.

DMD: Apart from Tapes and CD releases, do you have any plans to expand into vinyl down the road?

NN: Tapes are without a doubt my favorite release format! As for vinyl, well I can't say I have plans for it, considering they are more expensive than Cassettes and CD, so not many noise/HNW labels are making them, but yes of course who doesn't want to release on vinyl?! So if I ever get an opportunity to do this, I would gladly do it.

DMD: What does the rest of 2016 and next year hold for DL?

NN: Many things, aside from the collaborative projects I spoke about, there will be more from Dosis Letalis, Relicuum, N.I.H.L and Dosis Feralis albums out, and more collaborations with very special people.

Most of all, I am looking forward to Dosis Letalis release on Neurowalls, a new political HNW label run by the tireless Julien Skrobek, as well as a DL release on his Hallucination Tapes, and I am hyped about a double c40 tape coming out in early 2017 on AOW, it's an album called 'Lessons in Ruthlessness, themed around House of Cards, one of my (and Cory's) favourite TV shows.

DMD: Have you done any live noise shows?

NN: Finally, a question I can answer quickly: nope.

DMD: Anyone else you want to give a shout out to?

NN: You don't think I gave enough shout outs?! Hahahaha, only one more, to you Ed, keep up the good work you are doing with this blog, it's really great, plus your choice of artists for the interviews is very impressive, and I feel honoured that I got this chance.

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